At Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry, we are proud of the network of skilled dental specialists we have created. Whether you are in our office or one of our associates’ offices, know that you will be treated with respect, kindness and experience. Today, we would like to highlight the surgical services offered by Dr. James McLeod and Dr. John Webb.

As an oral surgery office, McLeod and Webb offer a number of procedures related to repairing, removing and altering hard structures of the mouth. Although most patients associate oral surgery with extractions, the true scope of their services extends into implantology, oral pathology and certain types of jaw surgery. Our office will refer out any surgical procedure that requires the expertise and technology of a specialist’s office. 

We enjoy working with Mcleod and Webb because of the convenient and compassionate nature of their office. WIth two locations, they can schedule and accommodate patients quickly, often with same-day appointments. Their health history information is logged digitally online and can be filled out before your visit, saving you time. Once you have arrived at their office, you will be treated with attention and care. Mcleod and Webb pride themselves in having a compassionate staff, who can answer and assure all of your questions and concerns. If any complications do arise, they are poised to respond quickly and succinctly, keeping you informed and attended to. Post surgery, they are extremely communicative with our office, ensuring great continuity in your dental treatment. 

McLeod and Webb’s office has had its doors open for over 35 years, serving the Thousand Oaks, Westlake and Simi Valley areas. They represent thousands of hours of education, surgical experience and patient care. If you would like to know more about their office, or any of the other specialists we work with, please give us a call. We want our patients to know they are in good hands, whether with us or our one of our specialists.