Welcome to The Dental Library Review! In this feature, we will be reviewing and highlighting different children’s books we have collected at our office. Our staff have personally used these books with their own children and have had great reception. Today, we will be going over The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy by Jan and Mike Berenstain.

Like others in the Berenstain series, this is a picture heavy story book that chronicles the antics of a family of bears. This selection follows the story of Sister Bear and the loss of her first two teeth. After loosing the first, she receives a quarter from the tooth fairy. However, she is soon shocked to find out that her friend Lizzy received a whole dollar for her lost tooth. The rest of the book covers how the tooth fairy pays for teeth and how this price can go up or down ("like the price of gas," as noted by Papa Bear).

This is book is mainly geared towards young readers around the time of their first lost tooth (around 6-7 years old). We like this book because it helps manage expectations on how much the tooth fairy pays, and how to react if a friend gets more from the tooth fairy than you do. The main focus of this story is more towards how and why the tooth fairy visits us, rather than the actual process of loosing teeth. This can really be helpful in keeping the legend alive and avoiding difficult conversations.  

As with any of the books in our library, feel free to stop by our office to take a look. We want you to have the best tools available to educate your family and get them excited about dentistry. We hope you find this book as enjoyable as we did!