One of the most exciting times in a young child’s life is their first visit from the Tooth Fairy. As your little ones start to lose their baby teeth, chances are they will be expecting a special visit from the fairy herself. Likewise, you are probably looking for a way to make this event fun and memorable for your family. With all this in mind, our office has collected some of our favorite lost tooth toys and holders. Take a look at all the fun you can have!

Baby Tooth Album

While we have covered this tooth organizer in a previous article, it fits in perfectly with this list. The Baby Tooth Album is a fun way to organize all of your child’s lost teeth and turn them into a great keepsake. It's even flat enough to fit inside a scrapbook or memory box! 

Twinkle Toof

The Twinkle Toof is a fun baby tooth holder that glows in the dark. It has a secret compartment for the lost tooth and a small clip for any "Prizes." It glows quite brightly, which must make it easy for the Tooth Fairy to find at night! 

Maison Chic Tooth Fairy Pillows

From owls to robots and even sharks, these fun embroidered characters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You are sure to find one that your child loves! Each pillow has a little pouch to keep teeth safe until the Tooth Fairy can get to them. We are sure you will enjoy the fun fabrics, textures and colors!

We know the tooth fairy can have a hard time getting teeth out from under pillows without waking resting children. These fun toys help simplify the process and add a little pizzaz to the occasion. If you would like to see more of these tooth holders or any of our other children’s products, please stop by our office. We love getting our patients and their families excited about dental health topics!