Mouthwash can be a great tool in achieving overall oral health. However, it is important to acknowledge why you are using it and pick a product that meets your goals. Many patients gravitate towards alcohol based products like Listerine Ultraclean and Scope. These brands are designed to fight against plaque and gingivitis with their antimicrobial properties. They are excellent choices for individuals with periodontal disease and inflamed gum tissue. However, these mouthwashes tend to be acidic and abrasive to tooth enamel.

We feel that the majority of our patients would be better suited with a fluoride rinse type of mouthwash like Act Rinse. These products are designed to strengthen enamel and interfere with decay-causing bacteria. While they may not have the satisfying "burn" of an alcohol mouthwash, they are definitely doing their job!

Using mouthwash for fresh breath? You might want to try a different tactic. Once the flavoring wears off, mouthwashes aren't particularly protective against bad breath. Your best bet is to target the smells at the source. Flossing and tongue brushing have been shown to be particularly helpful in approving mouth odors. If you have any other mouthwash related questions, be sure to give our office a call!