As we have mentioned before, our office is on a journey to become more eco-friendly. Thus after trying out various types of bamboo toothbrushes, we decided to also look into a more biodegradable floss option. We sampled several different types of floss and today we are going to tell you all about them to help assist you in making the best choice on your own eco-friendly journey! The first one we tried was made by Radius, this floss comes in a sachet that is biodegradable and inside it has 20 pieces of individually wrapped floss. The floss is thicker, approximately 0.41mm. This floss is made of silk and also has xylitol in it which is good for your teeth. The downside of this floss is that it can be pricey, costing $5.65 for one sachet with 20 pieces in it. The next brand of floss we tried is known as Dental lace. It is a thick, strong floss (0.50 mm in width) that is made out of silk. It comes in a decorated glass container that is reusable. In addition, it comes with an extra refill in the package which is in a compostable bag. This floss comes in a mint flavor and the cost is $13.99. The next brand of floss is Eco-dent. It is 100% vegan waxed nylon floss, which is not biodegradable. This floss is not as thick as the others,measuring to be only 0.22mm in width. The packaging states that it has no plastic and that the cardboard box is the dispenser itself. The downside to this floss is that the actual spool of floss is wrapped in plastic and has a plastic piece in the middle of it. This floss does not seem to be much different than a traditional floss. It costs $10.32 for 2-100 yard boxes. Next, we have Lucky floss, which makes a biodegradable charcoal, bamboo floss. This floss is black in color and is pretty thick at 0.44mm. It comes in a refillable glass container with a stainless steel lid. It comes with two 66 yard spools of floss. The refills can be bought on Amazon, which is super convenient! The cost of this floss $15.99 for two or about 8 dollars for one of them. The last brand of floss we tried is Yaweco floss. It is also a silk floss and is coated with beeswax, which is biodegradable. It comes in a plant based container that is also 100% biodegradable. There is no flavor or aroma for this floss. It is a thin, flat, and strong floss and it is about 0.28mm in width. This floss is more on the expensive side, costing $9.15 for one spool, which 43.7 yards. However, this might be because it comes from Europe. After trying all of these different types of floss our top two favorites are the Yaweco and the Lucky Floss. Both of these floss products are biodegradable and eco-friendly and great in thickness and strength as well. Our runner-up would be the Dental lace The only downside to this floss is that because of the thickness it might not be suitable for someone with tight spaces between their teeth. We hope that with all this new information you are now able to make a more eco-friendly choice with your brushing and flossing! *