Migraines and Jaw Pain can be caused by grinding or clenching the teeth.  Often times patients will do this while they are sleeping and wake up with aching facial muscles, sore teeth, or headaches.  The action of clenching and grinding while sleeping is controlled by the central nervous system.  There are a number of theories as to why this habit will occur such as: a condition secondary to sleep apnea, stress, hereditary predisposition, and interferences present in how the teeth come together.  

Treatment by Thousand Oaks dentist, Dr. Kari Ann Hong for the migraines and jaw pain can range from orthodontic treatment to bite splint therapy.  The bite splint Dr. Hong fabricates is a hard piece of clear acrylic that is fitted to the lower arch. The purpose of the appliance is to protect the teeth from wearing against each other, to protect the facial muscles from overworking, and to protect the temporomandibular joint from excess force.  A properly fitted appliance will allow for all of the teeth resting on the appliance to touch at the same time.  Also,  when the jaw moves side to side or forward, the force is distributed to the front of the mouth. If you would like more information about how we can help minimize your jaw pain at our office, please fill out the contact information below.