Root canals are endodontic treatments used to relieve bacterial abscesses or aggravated/”dead” nerves in your teeth. Essentially, the tooth nerve is removed and filled with a sealing material to keep out organisms and decay. Root canals are excellent in that they provide almost instant relief from tooth pain during your first office visit.  

Typically, tooth root canals take two appointments. One is focused on removing the tooth nerves, shaping the canals and sealing off the infection. At a follow-up appointment, we perform the final filling at the top of the tooth and prepare it for a crown (if necessary).

At Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry, Dr. Kari Ann Hong selectively performs dental root canals on her patients in certain circumstances. Mouth location, number of “roots” in the tooth and health history all play into her decision to perform a root canal. Once your tooth pain is diagnosed as treatable via a root canal, we will discuss your options, cost and the potential for having it performed and finished in our office.