Unfortunately tooth trauma to the front of the mouth is a relatively common occurence. I have seen patients with trauma from going over the handle bar bike accidents, getting hit by an elbow on the soccer field, bar fights, and falling while running around a swimming pool. In some cases the teeth are completely avulsed during these accidents, but most of time the teeth are forcibly pushed into the bone or they are chipped. The teeth that are forcibly moved often die from the trauma, which means that the nerve of the tooth dies and the tooth ends up needing a root canal. In conjuction with nerve death the tooth takes on a darkened hue since the tooth no longer has a vital blood and nerve supply.

In the last month I have treated four teeth on three separate patients that had previous trauma, root can therapy, and a darkened hue. I have done an internal tooth bleaching therapy called "walking bleach." To do this treatment a combination of sodium perborate and superoxyl is placed inside of the tooth where the rooth can therapy was performed and it is kept in the tooth for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks the darkened color bleaches out and the tooth looks normal again!
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