At Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry, we are proud of the network of skilled dental specialists we have created. Whether you are in our office or one of our associates’ offices, know that you will be treated with respect, kindness and experience. Today, we would like to highlight orthodontist Dr. William Hang and his program of Face Focused Orthodontics.

Like every orthodontics practice, Dr. Hang offers a variety of services and appliances geared towards straightening teeth and improving the dimensions and mechanics of your mouth. However, his office goes much further with his Face Focused program. Here, he takes an examined approach towards orthodontics to address a variety of problems with breathing and facial esthetics.

Face Focused Orthodontics is the culmination of Dr. Hang’s decades of research, education and practice. He dedicated his career towards developing orthodontic programs that do not retract the teeth as the patient grows older. His ultimate goal is maintaining good rest oral posture, or the relationship of the jaw, face position and airway when you breathe. Poor rest oral posture can lead to a whole host of problems, ranging from headaches to migraines and even sleep apnea.

For young patients entering orthodontics, Dr. Hang focuses on straightening teeth and improving oral esthetics while respecting jaw mechanics and maintaining airways. He strives to create a smile that both looks and functions great for an entire lifetime. In adults, he often treats patients suffering from headaches, snoring problems and sleep apnea in addition to crooked or crowded teeth. Here, his Face Focused program hopes to address poor facial mechanics and establish great jaw and breathing function. No matter what your ultimate orthodontic goal, Dr. Hang and his staff are attentive, communicative and thorough. His consultation appointments alone often take and hour and a half, including X-rays and Cone Beam CT technology.

We love working with Dr. Hang and his office because they offer a unique and powerful service. Patients travel from all around the world to receive treatment from Dr. Hang, while he is conveniently located minutes away from our office. While he is not treating patients, he can be found lecturing or researching ways to perfect his Face Focused treatment. If you would like to know more about Dr. Hang or any other of our fantastic specialists, please give us a call.  We want our patients to know they are in good hands, whether with us or one of our specialists.

To find out more about Dr. Hang, visit his website