Cleanings and Exams

At Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry, we feel that routine cleanings and dental exams are the cornerstone of modern preventative dentistry. On top of monitoring the progress of our patients’ oral health, these appointments allow us to better understand and address each individual’s unique needs.

In our office, teeth are only the beginning of what we screen during a routine check up. Through a combination of new technology and proven techniques, our patients are assessed for many conditions, including oral cancers, TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. Our end goal with every visit is to address every single one of your oral concerns and design a game plan towards your optimal health!

Our main focus is finding the intersection of accuracy, safety and patient comfort during all dental procedures. During cleanings and exams, this is achieved through a number of modern techniques:



Digital Xrays- These state of the art sensors utilize high sensitivity to provide us the clearest pictures with the absolute lowest levels of radiation exposure possible.



Ultrasonic Scalers- Many patients find the motions and sounds of scaling (removing) plaque by hand to be uncomfortable. To counteract this, each of our dental chairs is equipped with ultrasonic scalers, which utilize high frequency vibrations and water to effortlessly remove any buildup on the teeth.



Physical screenings and questionnaires- By assessing your diet, sleeping habits and medical history, we can pinpoint certain oral conditions and risks before even looking in your mouth! Our techniques are backed by academic research and years of scientific advancements. Furthermore, visual inspections and palpitations can help us predict the onset of TMJ disorders and oral cancer.



Outstanding Hospitality- We know that dental cleanings only work if our patients attend their appointments! Your cleaning and exam should be an enjoyable and educational experience, not something you dread. To ensure this, our office provides a number of services to make your feel at home. Each operatory is equipped with its own TV screen (Cable, Netflix, Pandora), we have blankets and pillows upon request and we have hot towels to make sure you feel fresh leaving our office. If you ever need anything at all, please let us know!