Welcome to The Dental Library Review! In this feature, we will be reviewing and highlighting different children’s books we have collected at our office. Our staff have personally used these books with their own children and have had great reception. Today, we will be going over The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss (with illustrations by Joe Mathieu).

Being a classic Dr. Seuss storybook, this tale is full of whimsical rhymes and colorful illustrations; Joe Mathieu does a great job of pairing the fun poetry with equally entertaining imagery. In this early reader, we learn about all the fun places we can find teeth and why they are so important. We also get a short lesson in why we have to take good care of our teeth and what happens to boys and girls who eat too many sweets. Overall, it is a great mix of silly fun and important oral health concepts for small children.

Given the simple wording, thick pages and short storyline, this book is likely best suited for young readers or as a bedtime story. In fact, it is listed as a part of Dr. Seuss’ Bright and Early Board Books. As with all the stories we review, feel free to check it out at your next appointment. We are always happy to do anything we can to get your family excited and educated about dental health topics!