Check out this awesome veneer transformation! This patient came to us with anterior teeth that were cosmetically compromised but structurally sound. The patient's left lateral incisor had an aging composite filling, the two central incisors were chipped and all the teeth had uneven staining and decalcification. In cases like this, we like to use zirconia veneers to enhance aesthetics while altering the original tooth as little as possible. 

Teeth are prepared for veneers by removing a small amount of enamel to compensate for the new dimension of zirconia. Once the teeth are prepared, impressions are taken and sent to our lab. You will spend two weeks in temporary veneers while the technicians hone in the ideal dimensions and shade to match your other teeth. The result, as seen above, is a beautiful transformation that looks entirely natural. Modern veneers can make you look younger and create a more vibrant smile with minimal changes to your existing teeth. If you would like to know more about veneers, how we place them and why we use them, please give our office a call!