Here's a great example of one of the more dramatic changes we can achieve using ceramic crowns. This patient came to our office with white and appropriately shaped front teeth, including a crown on the front-left incisor. However, their midline had a noticeable leftward tilt.

In dentistry, midlines have a huge impact on how we perceive teeth and cosmetics. If the line between the two central incisors isn't perfectly horizontal and centered on the face, we perceive the overall smile as crooked or uneven. To correct this patient's midline, we removed the existing crown on the left central incisor and changed the underlying tooth to face more horizontal. We then corrected the right central and lateral incisors to match. Even in temporaries, this patient's smile is instantly more esthetically pleasing. In two weeks, our lab will deliver a set of ceramic crowns that will complete the transformation If you want to know more about midlines, crowns or cosmetic dentistry, please give our office a call!