Properly managing your dental care can take a team of dentists, specialists and laboratories. For our patients that need the help of a periodontist, we are proud to work with Dr. Jeremy Wilgus of Camarillo Periodontics. His office combines the technology, expertise and compassion that our patients seek. 

If you have conditions such as deep pockets or periodontitis you may be referred to Dr. Wilgus. He specializes in a number of surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve gum health and repair damage. Beyond these services, his office offers various procedures to adjust and re-contour the gums. For some patients, a full cosmetic reconstruction will include visits to Dr. Wilgus for crown lengthening or grafting to create an ideal gumline. He is also an expert in placing implants in sensitive areas, such as the anterior teeth. If you would like to know more about periodontal services or why a patient might benefit from the services of a periodontist, please call our office!