Archaeologists recently unearthed a 400 year old set of dentures from a monastery in Tuscany. The appliance, made from the wearer's lost teeth and gold bands, is the oldest ever discovered of its type. It is thought that the denture was held in place by looping string around four holes in the gold framework. We hope that the string was tight- the wearer couldn't exactly swing by the store for a tube of Poligrip!

Interestingly enough, this ancient denture still shares some features with its modern counterparts. Today we use plastic or porcelain teeth, but removable partial dentures still utilize a metal framework for rigidity. While you won't find a denture held in with strings, many appliances have wire clasps that achieve a similar function. Overall, the similarities are striking, though we much prefer today's offerings!

With the advent of implant dentistry, many patients may think of dentures as ancient history. However, they are still an important and viable option for replacing lost teeth. If you would like to know more about your choices in completing your smile, please give our office a call!