Although studies show that the population's general oral health is improving, over half of all adults will be missing at least one tooth by retirement age. In the past, single tooth replacement options were limited to bridges (that required drilling on the teeth adjacent to the missing area) or removable dentures. Many patients found these options unpleasing and sought after something that could replicate the function and convenience of natural teeth. Fortunately, implants can offer exactly that- a fixed tooth replacement that functions independently of the adjacent teeth!

For today's patient, a missing first molar was replaced using a titanium implant and zirconia crown. As with any procedure, careful planning and communication between our office and the surgeon's office ensured that the implant was placed exactly according to the patient's needs. One the bone was given time to heal and osseointegrate (grow new bone around the titanium screw), we took impressions and had our lab create a durable and esthetic replacement crown. A process like this one typically takes about 4-6 months from implant placement to final crown delivery, depending largely on the body's healing process. 

While implants are a fantastic treatment option, they are not appropriate for every patient in every circumstance. You must be healthy enough for the placement surgery and have enough strong healthy bone to support the implant. Additionally, there are certain treatment options/scenarios where implants simply will not work. If you would like to know more about implants and how we use them to replace teeth, please give  give our office a call!