If you shop at a natural market like Whole Foods or Sprouts, you have probably seen the organic toothpastes available in the cosmetics aisle. Companies like Toms of Maine and Jason all sell numerous types and flavors of toothpaste with varying promises. No matter what the packaging claims about being anti-cavity or enamel strengthening, all toothpastes have to have fluoride to protect against oral disease.

The protective factor of brushing your teeth comes from the mechanical action of scrubbing the enamel and the remineralizing effect of fluoride. Fluoride works by increasing the rate of enamel mineralization and interfering with bacteria's ability to colonize your teeth. Years of research and clinical trials have shown that using fluoride is safe, effective and significantly lowers your risk of developing cavities.  If you aren't using fluoride toothpaste, you are missing out these great benefits. Other ingredients, such as baking soda or triclosan may add to the protective factors but are not effective enough on their own to fight cavities. 

If you are interested in switching to an organic or specialty toothpaste, simply check the packaging for added fluoride (all active ingredients have to be disclosed by law). Specifically, Toms of Maine sells a version of their organic toothpaste with fluoride. If you have any more questions about fluoride, toothpaste, or oral hygiene, please give our office a call!