Today was my second week back from maternity leave for baby #2. My elder son is about to turn two and he is already acting like a two year old.

I had the baby at my office this morning. He is pretty calm and easy going, except for when he is hungry. I had to take one break in the middle of crown preparation appointment to feed him. The best part of the morning though was when I called my dad to say I would be home a little early for lunch. He was having quite an experience with my two year old.

While out shopping together, my dad was holding my son's hand and my son being two and having a mind of his own, tried to walk away from grandpa while they were in a parking lot. Somehow in the process my son now likely has a subluxated radius in his left forearm. I had to cancel two hours of patient appointments this afternoon in order to take my son to see the pediatrician.

Sometimes it is hard being mom and dentist at the same time.

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