Do you remember having ortho as a kid and having impressions taken? Or perhaps you have had a crown done recently and had some goopy material placed in your mouth that took five minutes to set? Well there is a new wave in dentistry called chairside digital imaging that is eliminating the need for a standard dental material impression.

According to Gordon Christensen, a leading dental clinical researcher, the top effective chairside systems are:
Cerec AC by Sirona Dental Systems,
E4D byD4D Technologies,
i-Tero by Cadent,Inc.,
Lava COS by 3M ESPE,

I have had the Lava COS digital impression machine in my office since February of this year and I have been quite impressed with the results. The most impressive thing about the machine is the accuracy and fit of the crowns. I have little to no adjustment with a crown that was fabricated from a Lava COS impression. Also, the marginal fit (where the crown meets the tooth) is almost impossible to discern.

I particularly like the Lava COS technology because the impression is a real time video image that lets you know right away whether or not you have an accurate and complete impression. All of the other digital systems more of a still shoot camera technology where the images are combined to give the 3D information.

My patients like the technology because they don't have to suffer through having impression material in their mouths. In addition, on the day we cement the crown, they don't have to wait for adjustments to their new crown. I highly recommend the Lava COS machine!

Kari Ann Hong, DDS
1000 Newbury Road, Suite 190
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320