Implants represent a new shift in how dental offices can replace missing teeth. Never before have dentists been able to reproduce one or more teeth in a non-removable fashion without altering adjacent teeth. In the midst of this new treatment trend, many different general practices and specialists are placing implants. In this article, we hope to make sense of who offers implant surgeries and why they do so!

For starters, almost any licensed dentist can become trained to place implants. There is no specific requirement for a specialist to place them, and training programs are very common. As such, our office places implants on healthy, long standing patients in uncomplicated scenarios. We feel that any case beyond these parameters requires the expertise of a specialist.

Many times, an oral surgeon will place implants. They benefit from years of surgical training and managing medically complex patients. Most offices will offer various sedation options when providing the surgery. Periodontists also frequently perform implant treatment. Here, their specialized knowledge of gum tissue, bone characteristics and healing allows them to place implants in highly esthetic areas. They also typically offer sedation as a part of treatment. Other specialists, such as prosthodontists and endodontists may place implants on a case-by-case basis.

No matter who places your implant, know that your referral from Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry was made with the highest quality care in mind. We take surgical treatment very seriously and only refer patients to our trusted network of specialists. If you want to know more about implants and how they might improve your treatment options, please give our office a call!