For years, nitrous oxide has helped nervous patients relax and enjoy their experience at the dental office. Even with new medications and sedatives available today, nitrous proves to be one of the safest and most effective ways to ease dental anxiety. Read more on how and why nitrous is a fantastic supplement for many patient's fears!

Nitrous oxide is a sedative compound that is delivered via inhalation through a nose mask. For anxious patients, it provides mild amnesia and dulling of pain responses. At the same time, you are still conscious, aware and moving/breathing under your own power. While the exact mechanism in which it works is not fully understood, we do know that it works on the Brain and brainstem to stimulate receptors that cause drowsiness and sleep. Nitrous oxide is also eliminated from the body by exhalation, making it very safe for periodic use. In the unlikely event of being administered too much nitrous, simply breathing regular oxygen will quickly bring down the levels in your body. Patients leave the office with no lasting side effects and can return to work after their appointments. 

Because nitrous oxide is so safe, there are very few medical limitations on it's use. It is even safe for asthmatic patients, as the process of administering nitrous involves delivering a higher percentage of oxygen than ambient air. However, some people do not respond positively to nitrous and report anxiety or uncomfortable sensations. It is important to let us know if you have a history of poor reactions to sedatives and a complete list of the medications you are taking. If you have more questions about nitrous and how it is used at our office, please give us a call today!